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Idea: Data Validation
  • VoteVote Up1Vote Down        benjamin July 21, 2015 12:25PM

    I'm a using the data validation block in omniscope and it would be useful for the following:

    1.To have the ability to have more than one custom rule
    2.To be able to link rules broken or custom rules defined to specific reports emailed.

    For instance currently (unless you use Error,Success and warning as separate flags for email reports then you have three) you cannot trigger a certain email report by a specific custom/schema/rules failed.It would be useful to say for instance if you have two column a list of names and values, if values >1000 and names is blank to be emailed separately

    Of course i can add in multiple validation blocks however if you are doing 10+ validation this makes data manager look messy

    My idea would be to have either a numbering scheme or name for each of the custom rules, rules, schema and then in the reporting each email categorized could specify which numbered or named custom rule or schema it should be triggered by


  •     chris July 22, 2015 4:29AM
    Hi Benjamin,

    Thank you for your suggestions. We are updating the data validation block and will try to integrate your ideas. In regards to having more than one custom rule, this is a good idea and something we will try to implement. With regards to your idea to link certain conditions to specific reports, we are considering having the Data Validation block provide two outputs; "Error" and "Success". you could then link these to blocks downstream to generate different reports depending on the result of the validation.
  •     aeastwood July 28, 2015 8:25AM
    Another idea for data validations - would be good to have a search on the schema. Ideally for both the input and output field names - right now I spend a lot of time scrolling down trying to find a field to figure out what it was called before/after.



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