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Idea: Global Thousands Separator Removal - Visokio Forums
Idea: Global Thousands Separator Removal
  • VoteVote Up1Vote Down     acdewinter July 17, 2015 8:06AM
    Hi guys,

    I have looked around for an application wide setting that would allow me to turn off "Thousand Separator" by default for numbers instead of having it on by default. 90% of the time we don't require it and it can cause some annoyance when trying to merge data sets together if you don't realise one side has the thousand separator and one side does not.

    So I just want to know if I am just not seeing the setting or is it that it isn't possible to turn this off as yet?

    Kind regards,
  •     paola July 20, 2015 5:46AM
    Thanks Adrian, we are planning to put a fix for this issue in the new version of Omniscope and will notify you via this post when it's done.
  •     acdewinter July 20, 2015 5:50AM
    Awesome, thanks so much Paola!
  •     MatthewLiddle July 22, 2015 6:37AM
    This would be very useful, As with Adrian 99% of the time we don't require the thousand separator. SO it would be really handy if this could be disabled by default

  •     tjbate July 24, 2015 12:27PM
    I have reclassified this as an idea and we will post here when the modification is done.


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